How to Clean Your Credit

How to Clean Your Credit: The Right Way

There are few things more important to your future than a good credit report and score. One vital thing that you should ensure gets done every year is to have your credit report reviewed and polished by a professional team. This simple guide will help you understand why you should not be fixing your credit report alone.

What does fixing your credit report entail?
It requires the removal of unverifiable, incorrect, and outdated information from your report as well as fixing anything that is incorrect. While this may seem like a simple task, it actually requires an in depth knowledge of the law and The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Will an error be found on your credit report?
There is no guarantee that an error will be found on your credit report. Often there might be minor errors that only a person with an in depth understanding and knowledge of credit reports would be able to spot. Such errors could range from incorrect information on how or when you closed an account, to obsolete information that should no longer be on your report, or even accounts that don’t belong to you (a surprisingly common occurrence). Once you enlist the assistance of Ranieri Law LLC, it will obtain copies of your credit report, read through it, and scrutinize it to ensure that everything shown is yours. There are sometimes errors on credit reports, especially if people have very similar names or social security numbers are somewhat similar.

How to clean up your credit report:
If by now you are still unsure of the procedures you need to take to clean up your credit report the simple answer is to contact a credit repair professional. Seeking the assistance of a professional will relieve the endless stress and frustration that comes with cleaning a credit report. A professional analyst will:

  • Request a copy of your credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies.
  • Check your reports
    – An analyst will look for information that is incorrect or incomplete and create a detailed list of everything that is missing, inaccurate or obsolete as well as assemble all the necessary supporting documents.
  • Send a letter of dispute to the credit reporting agency
    – An analyst will make sure that your letter of dispute, along with supporting evidence, is sent to the credit reporting agencies.

A good credit report is one of the most important things you’ll need to get your home or car loan approved. Your credit reports should be reviewed every year and cleaned of any problems that are found. Considering the intricacies surrounding this task and the necessity of having a good understanding of the law you would be well advised to contact a trusted Credit Repair Law Firm – such as Ranieri Law LLC.

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